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Virtual Round Tables for Meetings, Discussions and Conferences

The format is the digital alternative to our physical events and the next best thing to face-to-face that allows our clients to engage in thought leadership conversations with industry leaders for educational learning and strategic meetings to solve their critical business challenges and build relationships from the comfort of their own office.

Our bespoke invite-only, closed-door Virtual Roundtables Conference provide you with the perfect platform to engage in prequalified video conversations with targeted C’ Level decision-makers that meet your qualification criteria and have expressed an interest in the content of your discussion and learning more about your solutions.

How it Works

Each Virtual Roundtable Meeting will be set in an intimate environment discussing your topic of choice. This focused digital platform provides you with the opportunity to promote your message and differentiate your innovative solutions in a private recorded 90-minute session to a prequalified audience of targeted executives. Share case studies, customer success stories, presentations, demonstrate your expertise, ask engaging questions and showcase actionable solutions to their business challenges you can overcome.

Our content team will collaborate with you to curate the topic of discussion, compiling questions to ask during the session by using the intelligence we have acquired on your attendees’ challenges and business objectives. We will share a video or interview from your thought leader to your target list as well as promote it through all social channels.

The 90-minute moderated discussion will have one representative from your organisation and six senior decision-makers attend from your target list who are very willing to speak about solving their key business challenges. Our Virtual Roundtables Meeting are completely bespoke and tailored to any theme, job title, industry, and region of your choice. Put your content front and centre directly to the targeted audience you need and fill your sales pipeline with engaged qualified prospects.

Our highly skilled delegate acquisition team does the heavy lifting to acquire the attendees you want. They manage each delegate relationship from securing their participation, gathering valuable intelligence through to attendance and securing follow-up virtual round table meetings post-event.

      Value For You

  • C’ Level executives attending from your target list of prospects

  • Delegates are prequalified against your topic of discussion

  • Bespoke, closed-door, invitation only

  • Increase your brand awareness & position your company as a trusted advisor

  • Intelligence on attendees’ projects and challenges that are aligned with your solution offering

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