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Our closed-door invitation-only summits create the perfect intimate environment for educational peer-on-peer learning, develop important business relationships and quality engagement.


We bring together senior executives looking to solve their key challenges and find solution providers to have them partner on their most pressing initiatives. The summits are run over 2 days, include prequalified one-on-one meetings with suppliers and a program agenda with a range of speaking sessions including Keynotes, Masterclasses, Workshops, Panels, and Roundtable Discussions.

Pre Qualified Meetings

Attendees and solution providers have an opportunity to meet privately in a series of one-on-one, 40-minute prearranged meetings. This level of interaction allows for engaging two-way conversations around the challenges our attendees are facing.


We give solution-providers access to all attendee intelligence so they can select delegates with relevant projects. Meetings are confirmed before the summit so you can fully prepare.

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We capture valuable intelligence for each attending delegate. This includes key projects, budgets, stage, timeframe, solutions of interest and challenges, and key purchasing requirements. This insight forms the backbone of our summit agenda and aligned face-to-face meetings.


We deliver exciting educational peer-on-peer learning and shape the theme of our programme agenda through our dedicated content team. The speaking slots include keynote presentations, panels, interviews, roundtable discussions, masterclasses, and workshop sessions which are all highly interactive.


Share customer success stories, case studies, position yourself as a thought leader, become a trusted advisor, demonstrate your expertise, change perceptions, ask engaging questions, raise your brand awareness and showcase actionable solutions to their business challenges you can overcome.

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Location & Networking

We use 5-star retreat-style destination venues to host our summits designed to complement the frame of mind our attendees are in, when they commit to time away from their day to day roles in office. They are focused on finding new solutions and partners to help overcome their key business challenges and educational learning. Each executive approves their own tailored personal schedule to ensure they gain maximum value from attending. 

Each component of our summit format is designed and structured to facilitate meaningful engagement, build lasting relationships with quality networking in the best possible intimate environment.

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