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How can technology affect the daily life

What is technology?

Technology is defined as the body of knowledge that deals with the innovation, invention, and application of technical means and their inter-relationship with life, society, and the environment. Or in other words, technology means using scientific knowledge to achieve some specific goal or create applications that are used in industry or in everyday life.

What Is Technological Change:

When the efficiency of a product or process increases and results in an increase in output without an increase in input, this is a technological change. The point of technological change is to improve or invent a product/process which will bring more significant rewards for the same amount of work.

There are 3 stages that can describe technological change:

1. Invention - the creation of a new product or process

2. Innovation - the application of the vision for the first time

3. Diffusion - how fast others begin to adopt the innovation

The 7 most common ways technology impacts the everyday life:

1. Improved Communication

2. Decreased Privacy

3. Accessible Shopping

4. Better Information Access

5. Virtual Social Lives

6. Flexible Working

7. Smarter Health Tracking

Nowadays, the use of technology has changed dramatically by affecting people's everyday lives. It changed the way people work, learn, think, and communicate, but most importantly, they understand and adapt to new trends. Technology affects society, and it can either help progress or decline in both good and bad manner.

Although technology improves the lifestyle of a person is also a significant concern for future generations. Nowadays, people are excessively using technology which reduces their physical activities that directly affect their health.

The excessive use of technology has also led us to more cybercrimes. Some cybercrimes are:

- Stealing personal data, such as Unique ID numbers, PAN, and Debit card details.

- Hacking

- Malware installation

- e-mail threats

- Phishing

- Spams

Impact of Technology on Society:

Nowadays, people use technology in their everyday lives without even noticing it, from essential house technological equipment to their workplace. Technology and demands are increasing and multiplying. We use technology to connect with other people and explore, study, and, most importantly, work. There are several benefits of using technology, but there is also the downside.

Positive Impacts of technology on society:

1. Improved Communication: It's the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to connect people. Technology improved communication by bringing people together worldwide through a device.

2. Improved Education and learning process: Finding free-of-cost knowledge through technology is simple. The internet can provide everything with a simple click and let everyone share their opinion and thoughts.

3. Mechanized Agriculture: Since the day technological equipment for agriculture was out in the market, farmers can do their job easier, faster, and with fewer costs.

4. Easy to access information: We can easily access information via the internet anytime and anywhere.

Negative Impacts of technology on society:

1. Increase in unemployment: Nowadays, large and small businesses use machinery and technical equipment because of their low cost and high efficiency. The rate of unemployment is increasing continuously.

2. Increase in pollution: There is an increase in population which means more vehicles per family, more devices, etc., which can all lead to global warming, climate change, etc.

3. Increase in health and mental concerns: Nowadays, technology affects human beings' physical and mental health—the need to share everything online.

4. Increase cybercrimes: Cyber crimes are also higher than before due to the excessive use of the internet.

Cultural changes:

Technology has affected our culture in more ways than we can imagine. It is more common today to have a virtual conversation than a face-to-face. The use of phones, tablets, computers, and more, leads to difficulties in an in-person discussion and makes it easier to share everything through a screen. In addition, it's more likely to evaluate others based on how technologically or not they own the latest mobile phones or cars. Nowadays, listening to music on headphones is preferred over listening to another person. The majority of the population prefers the internet because that is all they have ever known. People seek to find the answers to their problems online rather than talking or having any other in-person interaction with someone. All the above influence our society and the way people treat their connections.

Wrapping Up

It is in our nature to seek new ways to improve our lives. The need to be always better-made people expect even more when it comes to technological advancements in the future, not only to learn more but also to make our lives easier. Therefore, we must embrace technology, but always keep in mind that it has its downsides. Like everything else, if it is used correctly, the benefits of technology outweigh the cons by far.


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