No business is the same.  We appreciate that every organisation has a unique blend of people, processes and technologies.  Please provide details of your role, responsibilities, and where your department sits within the overall structure of your organisation.  
What project(s) are you working on in the next 3-6 months? (tick all that apply)
What strategy do you have in place?
What infrastructure is already in place? (tick all that apply)
What is your biggest security concern?
Solution Focus priorities 

Using a scale of 1-5, rate each of the following focus areas.  

5 is very interested and 1 is no interest.  

Cloud migration/transformationCloud migration/transformation
Remote working or business continuityRemote working or business continuity
Connecting from, to or between hybrid environmentsConnecting from, to or between hybrid environments
Network securityNetwork security

Please enter information about three priority projects you are currently planning for.   It is most beneficial for you to talk about projects in the pre/planning selection stages. 

Project one
Project description
Project two
Project description
Project three
Project description

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